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Jesse Watters makes controversial Ivanka Trump comment"The View" co-hosts discuss Fox News' measures against sexual harassment.

The Latest: Victim's family hopes to stop Arkansas executionLITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Latest on Arkansas' effort to execute a fourth inmate before its supply of a lethal injection drug expires on Sunday (all times local):

This may be Apple’s first brand new iOS device since 2015

The rumors saying that Apple is working on a Siri-based Amazon Echo rival are back, with a noted insider saying that Apple is currently finalizing the design for the unnamed product.

“Apple is currently finalizing designs for their Alexa competitor, expected to be marketed as a Siri/AirPlay device,” Sonny Dickson said on Twitter.

Dickson, who has a decent track record when leaking details about unreleased Apple products (especially iPhones) also said the upcoming Echo rival is “believed to carry some form of Beats technology, and is expected to run [an iOS variant].”

The insider did not mention anything about an actual launch date for the product, or a price.

Amazon’s Echo is currently the most popular voice-based home assistant product out there. Earlier this week, Amazon unveiled a new Echo gadget, the Echo Look that comes with a built-in camera. Amazon’s Alexa assistant, the AI brains of the Echo line of devices, is available in other non-Amazon devices as well, with more third-party companies interested in integrating the service into their products.

Google is looking to turn its Home device into an equally popular gadget, although Amazon’s lead can’t be contested for the time being.

A Time report in February said that Apple had no interest in making a device that would compete against Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, given the increased popularity of these home devices, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple come out with a competitive product that would offer Siri functionality at home.

North Korea releases video footage of simulated attack blowing up the White HouseNorth Korea has released a propaganda film featuring simulated attacks on the White House and US aircraft carriers, amid heightened tensions between the countries. It comes shortly after the US announced that it was sending warships to the Korean peninsula and Donald Trump said a fresh wave of American sanctions would be imposed on the secretive Communist state in an attempt to isolate it economically. The two and a half minute film begins with scenes of North Korea’s latest military parade to mark the 105th birthday of late state founder Kim Il-Sung on 15 April where it displayed a range of ballistic missiles.

China welcomes U.S. saying it is open to talks on North KoreaBy Michael Martina and Ju-min Park BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - China on Thursday welcomed an apparently softer tone by the United States on the North Korean nuclear and missile crisis but stressed its opposition to a U.S. missile defence system being deployed in South Korea. Separately, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on North Korea and other countries on Thursday to avoid behaviour or rhetoric that could increase tensions around Pyongyang's nuclear programme. Speaking at a news conference in Moscow after talks, the two leaders said they had agreed to cooperate closely to try to help defuse tensions around North Korea.

Russian intelligence ship sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coastA Russian naval intelligence ship sank off Turkey's Black Sea coast on Thursday after colliding with a vessel carrying livestock and all 78 personnel on board the navy ship were evacuated, Turkish officials said. The rescued crew members of the Russian ship Liman were in good health after the collision with the Togo-flagged Youzarsif H, Turkey's Transport Minister Ahmed Arslan said. The incident took place in fog and low visibility 18 miles (29 km) from Kilyos village on the Black Sea coast just north of Istanbul.

Arkansas nears fourth execution in about a weekArkansas plans to end its series of April executions by putting to death on Thursday an inmate convicted of murdering a cheerleader and who escaped from prison and killed two other people before being captured again. Arkansas, which had not held an execution in 12 years until this month, has put three inmates to death since April 20. It planned to execute Kenneth Williams, 38, by lethal injection at 7 p.m. CDT (0000 GMT) at its Cummins Unit prison.

This is what the iPhone 8 might actually look likeApril is almost over, but we still have about five months of waiting until Apple unveils its 2017 smartphones. However, there are plenty of reports from trusted sources that already offer many iPhone 8 details, as well as plenty of image and schematics leaks to go on. With all that information out there, designers keep churning out iPhone 8 concepts, and some of them even look like something Apple would make. Such is the case with a new video that features an iPhone 8 concept design based on the most recent leaks. The iPhone 8 in the following clip seems to resemble every iPhone Apple launched since 2014. However, there are plenty of differences that will immediately tell you this is no plain old iPhone. Created by YouTube channel Concepts Creator, this iPhone 8 mockup features an all-screen front complete with tiny bezels. There’s no home button and the fingerprint sensor is supposedly placed under the screen. On the back, there’s a vertical dual lens camera, which is something we’ve come to expect from the next iPhone flagship. This iPhone 8 concept has a metallic frame sandwiched between two slightly curved sheets of glass, and an elongated power button is also present. As for the bezels, the concept suggests that various front-facing elements including the 3D camera, facial recognition module, and speaker, will not be placed under the screen. Some rumors say Apple wants to position all these elements under the display, and Apple has patents describing such technology. The tech needed to pull it off might not be ready for this year’s iPhone, however. Once it is ready, however, the move could completely eliminate both the top and bottom bezels. All in all, this iPhone 8 concept seems to be pretty believable, considering the information that is available at this point.

Missing Toddler Found Dead After She Vanished While Playing in YardOne-year-old Semaj Crosby was found dead in a Joliet, Ill., home.

Apple is working on a service that could compete with Venmo

Apple's plan to build its own cash transfer service in the vein of Venmo appears to be back on track. According to a report from Recode, Apple has recently held discussions with partners in the payments industry about a service that would allow iPhone owners to send money to other iPhone owners.

One source tells Recode that the service could be introduced by the end of 2017, while another remains unconvinced that Apple has set the timing for either an announcement or an official release.

In addition to the payment service, Recode has also learned that Apple talking to Visa about creating pre-paid cards that would run on Visa's debit network. These cards would be tied to the service, giving iPhone owners a physical product as well as a digital one. With the card, someone could spend money sent to them on the service without having to wait for the bank to clear it.

Plus, this would give Apple the opportunity to tie its new service in with Apple Pay, as users would be able to add the pre-paid cards to their digital wallets and use them like they would a standard credit card. The cards would also have their own numbers so that they could be used for online purchases.

Whether or not any of these plans come to fruition is still up in the air, but sources inside major US banks tell Recode that Apple has been underwhelmed by the usage of Apple Pay over the past two and a half years. Launching a peer-to-peer payment service and offering a debit card could turn Apple's luck around... providing the banks don't step in to stop Apple from competing with them.

“Banks spent heavily in insuring their cards were top of wallet when they all built and rolled out Apple Pay,” Cherian Abraham, a digital payments executive at Experian, told Recode. “So it’s justifiable to be concerned that Apple will have its own card and could potentially be top of wallet. If you are top of wallet, you are top of mind.”

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