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Indianapolis police say an officer has been shot and another officer is injured following a chase and exchange of gunfire with a suspect, who was killed. Indianapolis Police Chief Troy Riggs told reporters Monday evening that the officer who was shot was ...
CUSHING, Okla. — Authorities on Monday located the body of a Kansas skydiver who jumped from a plane in Oklahoma and landed about 5 miles away from her parachute and harness. A family member identified the woman as Sheralynn Neff, 26, after law ...
WASHINGTON — As Donald J. Trump prepared to take his beauty pageant to Moscow in 2013, he relished the participation of one man above all: President Vladimir V. Putin. “Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow ...
(CNN)The FBI on Monday confirmed they are investigating a hack into the Democratic National Committee, the first acknowledgment from the agency that they are probing the incident, which US officials suspect came from a Russian cyber attack. Fallout over ...
BAGHDAD — The Islamic State’s latest suicide attack in Baghdad, which killed nearly 330 people, foreshadows a long and bloody insurgency, according to American diplomats and commanders, as the group reverts to its guerilla roots because its territory ...
Before the Republican National Convention, GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, held more social media clout on Facebook compared to his campaign rival Hillary Clinton, whom he is fond of referring to as "crooked Hillary." By the first day of the ...
PHILADELPHIA — The Democratic Party struggled to find unity in its opening night, even while attempting to highlight the diversity of its members and the platform of its nominee, Hillary Clinton, and make the case against Donald Trump. Minutes after the ...
A Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee compared Jewish Israeli settlers to termites on Monday while speaking at an event sponsored by an anti-Israel organization that supports boycotts of the Jewish state. Rep. Hank Johnson, D- Ga.
Black people are more likely to be stopped by police but — once they are stopped — they are less likely to be shot than whites, new research finds. The study could not say whether blacks, Hispanics and American Indians are more likely to commit crimes ...
PHILADELPHIA ― The first night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was supposed to be a show of unity ― a moment when Hillary Clinton, the party’s presidential nominee, and Bernie Sanders, her primary rival, could bring their ...

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