Windows® Webhosting Settings

The following Settings are provided to help you utilize the various features provided with your Web Hosting Account.

Administrative Site:
Email Administrative Site: http://webmail.yourdomain.ext
Each site has one designated user for managing email
in the webmail interface.  If you're not sure who
your designated user is, call Tech Support at 800-205-1110.  
Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:pop3.yourdomain.ext
Incoming Mail Username:username@yourdomain.ext
Incoming Mail Password:password
Outgoing Email (SMTP) Server:smtp.yourdomain.ext
Outgoing SMTP Email Username:username@yourdomain.ext
Outgoing SMTP Email Password:password (same as Incoming)
Outgoing SMTP Authentication:"Yes"
Outgoing SMTP Port Number:587
Your email address:username@yourdomain.ext
Return or reply-to address:username@yourdomain.ext
FTP Username:ftp + Admin Username (ex: ftpmyusername)
FTP Password:Set By Customer